Episode List

Ep. #34 The Power to Speak Naked w/ Tyler Foley

Ep. #33 Sustainable High Level Productivity w/ Brent Huras

Ep. #32 Living Impenetrable Joy w/ Erin Mac

Ep. #31 Unleash Your Inner Hero w/ Christian De La Huerta

Ep. #30 Reclaiming Your Life: A Story of Human Resilience with Para-athlete and Inspiration Rich Vander Wal

Ep. #29 Embracing Change and Creating Balance w/ Mike Solitro

Ep. #28 Creating a life of Happiness, Prosperity, and Love w/ Dawna Campbell

Ep. #27 The Divine Possibility of Change w/ Eleanor Tweddell

Ep. #26 Knocking on Death’s Door: A COVID spiritual awakening w/ David Paris

Ep. #25 Creating Change and Embodying Your True Self w/ Nina Camille

Ep. #24 w/ Jewish Mysticism and The Tale of a Modern Prophetess w/ Evonne Marzouk

Ep. #23 The Amazing World of Neurosurgery w/ Dr. Kumar Vasudevan

Ep. #22 Living with Fearless Freedom w/ Keith Fraser

Ep. #21 Creator Culture w/ Danny Desatnik

Ep. #20 How Sitting Quietly In God’s Presence Can Change Your Life w/ Dr. Brian Russell

Ep. #19 Holistic Health & Dealing with Chronic Pain w/ Dr. Tracy Debi

Ep. #18 The Neuroscience of Meditation & Cannabis w/ Dr Hilary Marusak

Ep. #17 Dragged into The Light w/ Tony Russo

Ep. #16: The Standing Meditation w/ Nate Rifkin

Ep. #15: Mystical Experiences, Alien Encounters, Spirituality, & Universal Peace w/ Wajid Hassan

Ep. #14: The Creativity Process and the Opportunity for Freedom w/ Dave Stevens

Ep. #13: Paramedicine, ER stories, Critical Care, & Humanity w/ Katherine Hambleton (RN, AEMCA)

Ep. #12 Shaken Not Stirred: Living with Parkinson’s Disease w/ Larry Linton

Ep. #11: A Modern Renaissance of Culture w/ Dr. Vidoll Regisford (Ph.D., M.Ed., B.A., SSW., CC)

Ep. #10: Authenticity in Grey w/ Ross MacPhail 

Ep. #9: Finding the silver lining in a time of crisis w/ Bill Tibbo (Disaster Management Specialist)

Ep. #8: Qigong and Meditation w/ Chris DiCecco

Ep. #7: Meaning & Purpose w/ Debbie Homewood

Ep. #6: Extraterrestrials w/ Chris DiCecco

Ep. #5: Ancient Knowledge with Chris DiCecco

Ep. #4: Meet Chris DiCecco

Ep. #3: The Magic of Water

Ep. #2:  The Second Coming

Ep. #1:  Head in the Sand

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