Shane Pokroy

Shane Pokroy is the host of the Underground Antics podcast. Joined by special guests and experts from a wide range of disciplines including Science, Medicine, and Spirituality, Shane endeavors to explore, understand, and share the incredible knowledge and wisdom of our world.  

Shane was born and raised in South Africa, but have been living in Canada for the last 8 years.

Shane has a degree in philosophy from the University of Toronto, and is a lifelong learner and student in science, psychology, history, and spirituality. 

Shane is always looking for the best in people and in all situations in life. Curiously exploring the wonders of the world, Shane is always looking to connect with people and expand his horizons through inspired conversations, and a love of knowledge, and humour. 

Mindfulness, meditation, and spirituality are some areas that have absolutely transformed Shane’s life and existence. He has been a student of various spiritual and mindfulness practices for many years, and loves talking about it (both from the practical and mystical aspects). While he does not consider himself an expert in any of these areas, he hopes that sharing some of his experiences and things learned along the way. he could bring some positivity into the world. 

I hope you enjoy!

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