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Ep. #56 An Exploration Into Mindfulness-Based Coaching w/ David Frank Gomes Underground Antics with Shane Pokroy

David Gomes is a Mindfulness teacher, coach and mentor. He offers a thoughtful effective coaching approach for living an impactful, thoughtful & productive life. The wisdom of mindfulness transformed into practical formulas for daily living. In this Episode, David and I discuss the intricacies of mindful-based coaching. For David, the intersection of mindfulness and modern coaching offers people the best approach to “transform ancient wisdom into practical formulas for living well”. David’s unique approach integrates the transformative power of mindfulness with a modern coaching program to help people find a way of life that promotes well-being, productivity, and purpose. For many of us it is difficult to rise above the grind, to find a way to live a more fulfilling life, and to create an overall sense of wellness in life. David’s methodology is designed to inspire you to grow, keep moving forwards and purposefully create a better existence.  “Mindfulness is change on the inside.  It’s reflective. Coaching is change on the outside. It’s action.” – David Frank Gomes Through a guided discovery of one’s values, goals, skills, and dreams, David works to inspire, mentor, and support you on your journey to break through patterns that are holding you back into a world of fulfillment.  “All of us are on a treasure hunt to find happiness. Some are obvious, like money, a job we enjoy, healthy relationships and getting what we want. Some are less obvious, like purpose, meaning and a sense of fulfillment and inner peace. We need a balance of both if we want to experience a joyful, significant life.” – David Frank Gomes More of David:  🙏🏽   Website 🙏🏽   Facebook: @DavidFrankGomes 🙏🏽   Instagram: @dfgcoaching 🙏🏽 LinkedIn: David Frank Gomes More of Shane:  🙏🏽  Underground Antics Website   🙏🏽  LinkedIn: Shane Pokroy   🙏🏽   Instagram: @shanepokroy 🙏🏽 Facebook: @UndergroundAnticsPodcast 🎧 Listen and subscribe to Underground Antics on your favourite podcast platform  Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/underground-antics-with-shane-pokroy/id1516717778    Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/001s4TUyZIrHhlH3jp0169    Subscribe for more! https://linktr.ee/shanepokroy ​   🙏🏽 Thanks for tuning in! Share this episode with someone who might enjoy it! #podcast #mindfulness #coaching #mentor #mentorship #reflection #action #habits #productivity #health #wealth #happiness #connection #spirituality #insight #development #transformation #mental #physical #emotional #spiritual 
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