Ep. #77 Ancient Traditional Wisdom w/ Kim Wheatley

Kim Wheatley

Kim Wheatley is an Ojibwe Anishinaabe Grandmother from Shawanaga First Nation Reserve who carries the spirit name Head or Leader of the Fireflower and who is Turtle Clan. She has appeared on TV, radio and in many news articles connected to her passion for Indigenous Knowledge sharing. Kim has worked with over 34 First Nation communities, having organized many Indigenous events, and she has authored 4 books, and has received multiple awards.  She also volunteers on a variety of boards as an Indigenous Advisor. She also works as an Anishinaabe Cultural Consultant.

In this episode, Shane and Kim discuss Kim’s way of life and way of knowing. Kim spends much of her time educating people about First Nation wisdom, heritage, and integration into the world. We discuss the historical gap in knowledge about the First Nation peoples, and how we can utilize ancient traditional wisdom to make the world a better place for everyone.  Kim highlights that there is a strong rise of truths in the world, where people are now getting to write their own stories and tell their truths. 

We discuss some of Kim’s traditional healing systems, governance systems, and way of life as a part of nature – not separate from it. Kim shares some ancient wisdom about balance and harmony – understanding that there is a place in creation for us to be a part of and not apart from nature in order to have a good life. Understanding the seasonal cycles of relationship and responsibility. Understanding that all parts of creation are beautiful and sentient, with a job and a purpose that benefits the greater good. Understanding that the Earth is a life-giver who gives birth to us and everything we need to lead a good, long life. 

Kim shows us how and where we have lost our way in this world, and how we are making decisions that lead to destruction and damage of our life-giving planet.  We can make different choices to change our relationship with nature, hopefully providing some restitution and positive impact to return to a better state of balance and harmony.   

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