Ep. #76 Sound Alchemy w/ Ian Morris

Ian Morris

“The majority of mainstream meditation music is created for entertainment and not true healing.

During an urgent need to heal my body, I didn’t want any of that music in my consciousness, so I began to create it for myself. Now I create frequency minded music for others to heal. What makes LtS music unique and effective is that it is always made with frequency in mind and the intentions to heal.”

Ian Morris, Founder & Sound Alchemist

In this episode, Ian and Shane discuss the transformative power of sound (frequency). They discuss how the universe can be understood in terms of frequency – everything resonates and vibrates (string theory). Sound has the potential for great healing and change in a person’s life. Other topics discussed include the nature of the universe, social interactional patterns, and individual and collective transformation. 

“Frequency-minded music is a simple and enjoyable path to a healthier lifestyle. Listening just 20 minutes a day helps support the following: Focus & Memory, Creativity, Clearing Energetic Blocks, Calm Anxieties, Improve Sleep” – ListeningToSmile

Access Listen to Smile’s albums:


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