Ep. #80 The Hidden Meanings in Relationships w/ Deborah Lukovich, Ph.D

Deborah Lukovich, Ph.D

Deborah Lukovich holds a PhD in Depth Psychology which focuses on understanding the nature of the unconscious. She is a coach, author, blogger, and podcaster where she offers insights and teachings to help people explore the deeper meaning of life through stories, conversation, and education. 

Deborah is back to discuss her latest framework for understanding relationships from a depth psychology perspective using the 3 P’s: Purpose, Projection, Permanence.

“These three words capture every aspect of relationship between all human beings, but they just play out more dramatically in those of a romantic nature.”

Looking at relationship dynamics and interactions through the lens of purpose, projection, and permanence provide a deep way of understanding what is really going on and together they can work towards a deeper connection, growth, and fulfillment. 

In this episode, Deb and Shane discuss the hidden purpose and deeper meaning of relationships, how projection largely determines the way we relate to each other, and how clinging to the idea of permanence can be destructive. 

“We often don’t discover the deeper purpose of a relationship until after one has ended. Or if we’re lucky, we get a little glimpse when we have the humility to explore a conflict or dissatisfaction rather than avoid it. It can feel mind blowing to discover this ulterior motive that has been hiding from the ego, which thinks it knows exactly why we do what we do.” 

Your Soul is Talking. Are You Listening? 5 Steps to Uncovering Your Hidden Purpose

Has something in your life fallen apart? Do you crave more meaning and purpose? Maybe you’re struggling with divorce, addiction, job loss, or depression, or just curious about a recurring dream or odd coincidences that keep showing up. These are all ways your Soul reveals clues about your deepest desires.

In her book, Your Soul is Talking: Are You Listening? author and coach Deborah Lukovich, wants to get you excited about exploring the most important final frontier—your inner world. The Soul speaks through dreams, symbols, meaningful coincidences, relationships, films, and even depression and injuries. This book teaches you the language of the unconscious required to decode its messages.

Dr. Lukovich writes through the lens of her personal experience of midlife unraveling, and her willingness to share awkward experiences will empower you to explore your own. Conversational instruction is sprinkled with humor as she guides you to learn and apply practical approaches to tapping into the wisdom of your unconscious.

Deborah’s Dose of Depth Podcast:

Fantasy, Science Fiction & Depth Psychology: Another Chat w/JD Edwin, Author of Master of the Arena, the prequel to Headspace Dose of Depth

In this episode, I bring back JD Edwin, a writer of fiction both long and short, including numerous short stories and articles on the art and craft of writing. Our first chat was a year ago, just after JD had published her debut fantasy novel, Headspace. If you’d like to take a listen to our chat, you can find it in Season 1, Episode 2 from February of 2022, the episode is titled: Finding Your Personal Story in Bigger Stories.  If you like the film Divergent or the Netflix series Alice in Borderland, you’ll love  Headspace. And now, JD’s prequel is here, Master of the Arena, which you can sum up like this: Nasmi Kol was born a slave. Now, she’s a champion. After this chat you’ll want to get the backstory at some point. On the other hand, both books stand on their own.I’ll be sharing the video version of today’s chat on my YouTube channel.If you want to learn more about Jungian film theory, Listen to me read Chapter 23 from my book, Your Soul is Talking. Are You Listening?  So, let’s get started . . .Deborah Lukovich, PhDP.S. Check out my work at http://www.deborahlukovich.com, where you can also subscribe to receive notifications of new FREE content. Check out my new book, Your Soul is Talking. Are You Listening? 5 Steps to Uncovering Your Hidden Purpose. You can now buy it on http://www.bookshop.org if you're looking for an alternative to Amazon.Follow me on Instagram @dlukovich engage with 4,200+ followers on Twitter @deblukovich or become a friend on Facebook. Check out Soul Talk 101, a series of mini-lessons on how to explore your unconscious offered through my YouTube Channel. #personalunconscious #shadow #selfreflection #archetypes #psyche #soul #activeimagination #CGJung #Jungian #depthpsychology #Jung #meaning #purpose #personaldevelopment #unconscious  #therapy #coaching #depthpsychologycoach #midlife #newbook #relationships #spirituality #creativity #newbook #film #filmtheory #jungianfilmtheory
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