Ep. #23 The Amazing World of Neurosurgery w/ Dr. Kumar Vasudevan

Dr. Kumar Vasudevan, MD is a fellowship-trained, board-eligible neurosurgeon based in Atlanta, Georgia who treats a wide variety of brain and spinal conditions. In this episode, Dr. Kumar and I discuss some of the latest innovations in neurosurgery. Some of the topics we discuss include deep brain stimulation, electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), radiosurgery, neuroplasticity, and the relationship between the brain and consciousness. We also discuss how a person can develop personality changes due to various brain conditions, cancers, or traumatic brain injuries. Furthermore, we dive into how and why some brain surgery is done while people are still semi-conscious (rather than fully under general anesthetic), and how stress is related to various conditions and affects recovery. Finally, we discuss the complex relationship between physicians and patients, and how doctors aim to support patients in the best way possible to maximize chances of successful treatment and recovery (whether surgical or otherwise). There is a lot of time and effort put into providing patients with a realistic understanding of the problems they face, while simultaneously providing them with a sense of hope for a better future after treatment (where possible). A truly inspiring episode! 

Dr. Kumar Vasudevan

Dr. Kumar Vasudevan, MD is a fellowship-trained, board-eligible neurosurgeon who treats a wide variety of brain and spinal conditions. His interest in neurosurgery began when he was a child after his grandmother had to have a brain tumor removed. The compassion his grandmother’s neurosurgeon showed his family stuck with him as the surgeon shepherded his family through the entire process of diagnosis to surgery to recovery. Dr. Vasudevan strives to treat his own patients and their families in the same manner, and to be the “home base” for his patients, their families, and their doctors when it comes to brain and spine care.

Dr. Vasudevan holds to three pillars when treating his patients: honesty, collaboration and diligence. He believes he is a doctor first and a surgeon second, meaning that he considers all diagnoses and treatment options, both surgical and non-surgical, and decides what is appropriate for each patient. He also knows that each patient has unique family and social circumstances that must be navigated and considered when developing a treatment plan. He strives to be open to input from his patients, whose beliefs, ambitions, and priorities about their care help to achieve the best possible outcome.

Dr. Vasudevan is a Neurosurgeon in Atlanta with advanced training and a special interest in the treatment of brain and spine tumors. He offers comprehensive treatment of brain tumors including gliomas/glioblastoma; metastatic tumors; and skull base tumors such as meningiomas, acoustic neuromas, and pituitary tumors. This includes endoscopy, minimally invasive surgical methods, and radiosurgery (“no-incision surgery”) for the treatment of brain tumors, facial pain, and other conditions. 

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