Ep. #51 Weight Loss Hypnosis w/ Doug Sands

Doug Sands is a Weight Loss Hypnotist who specializes in the emotions behind our weight. Using hypnosis, he helps clients remove the emotional roadblocks that most often sabotage our weight and health goals. Doug is also the host of the ‘Weight Loss with Hypnosis’ podcast, a show that explores the science of weight loss withContinue reading “Ep. #51 Weight Loss Hypnosis w/ Doug Sands”

Ep. #23 The Amazing World of Neurosurgery w/ Dr. Kumar Vasudevan

Dr. Kumar Vasudevan, MD is a fellowship-trained, board-eligible neurosurgeon based in Atlanta, Georgia who treats a wide variety of brain and spinal conditions. In this episode, Dr. Kumar and I discuss some of the latest innovations in neurosurgery. Some of the topics we discuss include deep brain stimulation, electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), radiosurgery, neuroplasticity, and theContinue reading “Ep. #23 The Amazing World of Neurosurgery w/ Dr. Kumar Vasudevan”