Ep. #68 A Conversation With a Modern-day Shaman w/ John Moore

John Moore

A lifetime spiritual seeker, John has practiced many spiritual and healing modalities including Tantric Buddhism, reiki, mindfulness meditation, Qigong, and Shamanism.

John is an accomplished martial artist with a 3rd-degree black belt in ketsugo jujutsu. From early on, John faced many adversities growing up due to his numerous birth defects. He began practicing martial arts as a way to help overcome the physical limitations he faced and managed to achieve this rank despite these challenges.

In his early 40’s, John sought help and was diagnosed with PTSD. Told by doctors and therapists that there was no cure, John was told that his only hope was to try to manage his symptoms with medication.

John refused to accept that and sought to heal himself. Finding a home with shamanism, John embarked on years of training, including a year-long apprenticeship, special training in soul retrieval, two years of advanced initiations, and two years of advanced teacher training. John has been symptom-free for years now. 

Along the way, many people have come to John for healing, divination, and soul retrieval work. John especially loves to help those with adverse childhood experiences and trauma experience a new sense of wholeness and power.

John’s passion for teaching comes through in his lifelong quest to help people recognize, embrace, and embody their own power.

John Moore is a shamanic practitioner and teacher who works with spiritually conscious professionals to live fuller, happier lives, in touch with their true purpose. After two decades of working in the technology sector, John turned to humankind’s oldest spiritual practise, shamanism, to heal himself.

“I am a guide, not a guru. I am just here to show you how powerful, strong, whole, and complete you are as a spark of divine light.” – John Moore

John Moore’s Speaking Spirit Podcast

Enlightenment on the Shamanic Path Speaking Spirit

Enlightenment is usually associated with Eastern spiritual practices. Rarely do people mention the words "shaman" and "enlightenment" together.Shamanic teacher, John Moore, presents the case that shamanism is an unparalleled tool for personal spiritual development – leading up to an enlightened state of consciousness.John begins by explaining a model of nonduality and defining enlightenment. Then he describes how practicing shamanism exposes the interconnected and nondual nature underlying reality.Outline:John’s Introduction.0:28The importance of not getting bogged down in too much flowery spiritual language.4:56Early ritualistic behavior in chimpanzees.9:23The sacred nature of coffee and cacao.13:33The origins of the universe and the Source.17:52The infinite beam of white light is the source.22:56Are there people who have had spiritual realization to the point where they defy the laws of physics?27:04What is enlightenment? What is nonduality?30:53How shamanism might work with death.35:23How shamanism is a fantastic path for spiritual healing.40:23
  1. Enlightenment on the Shamanic Path
  2. What is Love? A Spiritual Perspective
  3. Sex, Shamanism, and Spirituality
  4. Why Shamanism Has Become So Popular Recently
  5. The Importance of Community in Shamanism with Mary Katherine Spain

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