Ep. #68 A Conversation With a Modern-day Shaman w/ John Moore

John Moore is a shamanic practitioner and teacher who works with spiritually conscious professionals to live fuller, happier lives, in touch with their true purpose. After two decades of working in the technology sector, John turned to humankind’s oldest spiritual practise, shamanism, to heal himself. “I am a guide, not a guru. I am justContinue reading “Ep. #68 A Conversation With a Modern-day Shaman w/ John Moore”

Ep. #65 A Spiritual Awakening w/ Radavie Riom

Radavie Riom is Spiritual Teacher, Shaman, and Wounded Child Healer. She is devoted to serving the Divine Spirit that lies within everything. Through personal experiences of healing childhood wounds, an intuitive nature, plant medicine, and spiritual guidance, Radavie now lives to help others heal from their past wounds and traumas, end their sufferings, and awakenContinue reading “Ep. #65 A Spiritual Awakening w/ Radavie Riom”