Ep. #88 Men’s Mental Health w/ Elise Micheals

Elise Micheals

Elise Micheals is trauma-informed executive coach focused on men’s mental health. Her coaching program is designed to help men gain clarity on their subconscious blocks to heal trauma and create better lives, businesses, and relationships. “With the combination of Trauma therapy, REBT, CBT, Relationship Science, and Neuroscience, I’ve created easy-to-follow actionable steps that allow you to understand, and heal, quicker.” 

In this episode, Shane and Elise discuss why so many men struggle with mental health, the internal and external roadblocks they face in trying to get help, and some ways we can work to improve these areas. They discuss common cycles of shame, suffering in isolation, being silenced and ignored by society, difficulties when opening up to their partners, the conflict of vulnerability and emotional intelligence.

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