Ep. #16: The Standing Meditation w/ Nate Rifkin

In this episode, Nate and I discuss his most recent book on the life-changing Daoist meditation known as The Standing Meditation. For millennia, people have searched for methods and techniques to reduce suffering, master their mind, and find meaning and support in life. One of the ancient wisdom traditions, known as Daoism, offers a unique perspective on life and its connectedness to the source of life – the Dao (the Way). The standing meditation is a fundamental Daoist practice that has been used to find alignment, harmony, and energetic balance. It is a simple but profound exercise that unifies in experience the body, life energy, and mind. From this place of oneness, one can connect with life itself and reap the benefits of living a life in alignment with self, with nature, and with the universe. Starting with 1 minute of practice a day is enough to start the magical transformation of your life. 

Nate Rifkin

When Nate Rifkin began his journey, he hated himself. He was suicidal and drank alcohol every morning. He dropped out of college, went broke, bankrupt, and even worked on street corners waving around a sign.

However, Nate learned a little-known spiritual discipline that helped him transform his thoughts, emotions, and financial life. This practice from the Daoist mystical tradition even helped him find love. Today, Nate is sharing his journey and is the author of the book The Standing Meditation.

Watch the video version:

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