Ep. #21 Creator Culture w/ Danny Desatnik

Danny is a strategic marketer and driven by curiosity. He works for #paid, an influencer marketing platform based out of Toronto. In this episode, Danny and I discuss a variety of topics relating to the current world of creators. With the coming of age of the internet, the world of possibilities for creators has exploded. Whatever area of specialty one is interested in, there are a host of experts in that field creating content online to share in their wisdom. There is also an enormous market for creators to provide entertainment to the world. With enough dedication and commitment, it has become possible for anyone to establish an audience or viewers and/or listeners. Most people spend considerable amounts of time online consuming content of their favourite kinds. Whether it’s podcasts, blogs, vlogs, videos, music, shows, studying, how-to’s, or memes, the internet is a fruitful place to connect consumers and creators. Danny and I discuss various aspects of the so-called creator culture wherein ordinary people have harnessed their creativity skills to provide content to their audience. Many creators have managed to monetize their creative endeavours and earn a living this way. Danny’s podcast Creator Culture focuses on exploring the creator economy – talking to both creators and advertisers on how they work in this field. 

Danny Desatnik

Danny is a strategic marketer and driven by curiosity. He works for #paid, an influencer marketing platform based out of Toronto. In the role, he helps brands find opportunities to collaborate with incredible creators. Prior to #paid, Danny worked in the music industry (talent and campaign management) helping artists build their fanbase through digital marketing strategies.

Danny’s Podcast: Creator Culture

Growing strawberries and DTC TikTok accounts with Jessie Jacobson (@growithjessie) Creator Culture

Welcome to week 25. One of my favourite things about the rise of TikTok is the fact that there’s a community for anyone. Booktok, Wicktok, Runtok. It creates a massive opportunity for brands to partner with creators to run their accounts. I wanted to learn more about what that would look like which is why…This week I’m talking to Jessie Jacobson aka @growithjessie. In under 18 months, Jessie has grown her TikTok account to over 900k followers by showing people how to germinate fruits and vegetables. It’s the perfect balance of education and entertainment. After seeing some success, she realized there was a bigger opportunity. Jessie started running TikTok accounts for really exciting consumer brands like Homesick and RunGum. Recently, she has turned her expertise into a consulting business helping other consumer brands build a sustainable presence on TikTok. Oh and one last thing, she just launched a course with the help of Maven.So, let’s get to the good stuff. Here’s my conversation with Jessie Jacobson. 
  1. Growing strawberries and DTC TikTok accounts with Jessie Jacobson (@growithjessie)
  2. How one creator changed Schwarzkopf Professional's reputation for the better with Sonya Latreille Jeans
  3. What happens when your family becomes your brand with Adrianne Betz (Founder of Little Adi & Co.)
  4. Creating the future of sports media with Frank Smith (@frankmichaelsmith)
  5. Raising a farm-ily and building a legacy with Maddie Johnson (@livingwithpickles)

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