Ep. #21 Creator Culture w/ Danny Desatnik

Danny is a strategic marketer and driven by curiosity. He works for #paid, an influencer marketing platform based out of Toronto. In this episode, Danny and I discuss a variety of topics relating to the current world of creators. With the coming of age of the internet, the world of possibilities for creators has exploded. Whatever area of specialty one is interested in, there are a host of experts in that field creating content online to share in their wisdom. There is also an enormous market for creators to provide entertainment to the world. With enough dedication and commitment, it has become possible for anyone to establish an audience or viewers and/or listeners. Most people spend considerable amounts of time online consuming content of their favourite kinds. Whether it’s podcasts, blogs, vlogs, videos, music, shows, studying, how-to’s, or memes, the internet is a fruitful place to connect consumers and creators. Danny and I discuss various aspects of the so-called creator culture wherein ordinary people have harnessed their creativity skills to provide content to their audience. Many creators have managed to monetize their creative endeavours and earn a living this way. Danny’s podcast Creator Culture focuses on exploring the creator economy – talking to both creators and advertisers on how they work in this field. 

Danny Desatnik

Danny is a strategic marketer and driven by curiosity. He works for #paid, an influencer marketing platform based out of Toronto. In the role, he helps brands find opportunities to collaborate with incredible creators. Prior to #paid, Danny worked in the music industry (talent and campaign management) helping artists build their fanbase through digital marketing strategies.

Danny’s Podcast: Creator Culture

S4E12 | Learning from @dodford, the best director on YouTube Creator Culture

Today’s guest is the king of storytelling on YouTube. Some might say he’s the best director on YouTube. Watching his videos makes me think that we’ll be seeing him receive many of the critically acclaimed film awards in the not too distant future. Over the past 5 months he’s made films on Donald Glover, Nardwuar, Steven Spielberg, Jerry Seinfeld and most recently Adam Sandler. Watch his videos and you’ll agree that he’s the best kept secret on YouTube.Enjoy today's conversation with Daniel McMahon aka @dodford Find Daniel on: YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/@DodfordYTTikTokhttps://www.tiktok.com/@dodford?lang=enTwitterhttps://twitter.com/dannymcmahon Find Creator Culture on: Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/show/3nNlfbLHiSlHh6jk3p44aJ?si=4921a7ba95ee44f2YouTubehttps://www.youtube.com/@hashtagpaid. 
  1. S4E12 | Learning from @dodford, the best director on YouTube
  2. S4E11 | Manager | The truth behind creator managers in 2023 w/ Nate Ruff
  3. S4E10 | Managers | The managers behind Kenny Beecham w/ Cole & Cody Hock
  4. S4E9 | The future of storytelling in the music industry with helloyassine
  5. S4E8 | Manager | managing creators for the long-term with Benji Sudmann

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