Ep. #58 Being Human is Weird w/ Anton Czachor

Anton Czachor

Anton Czachor is the Founder of Arc Vision Media and the host of the Arc Vision Podcast & the Arc Vision Reactions YouTube channel. The aim of Arc Vision Media is to give people an empowering mindset through education and entertainment. Through the medium of conversation, we will explore the realms of the mind, relationship, spirituality, and what it means to be human in today’s world. Let’s explore the ideas that bring us together.

In this fun episode, Anton and I discuss some of the strangest and best parts about being human beings. Evolution, spirituality, psychology, and philosophy are some of the areas we cover in this deep episode. We live in a very strange time in human history, and being a human in the world today is a very perplexing experience. From the immensity of global communication, to human evolution, virtual reality, relationships and connections. All in all, it’s a good time to be alive! 

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