Ep. #57 A Pathway To Inside: Tapping Into Emotional Freedom from the Inside Out w/ Ann Hince

Ann Hince

Ann Hince is an author, healer, and public speaker.

Ann Hince is an author, healer, and public speaker.  In this episode, Ann and I discuss the power of focused attention. Specifically, the healing power of focusing your attention on your inner body. Most of us have spent our lives repressing a variety of thoughts and emotions that we believe are too painful to deal with. These thoughts and emotions, however, do not simply go away; instead, they are often stored in various parts of our body – often the parts that are closely associated with the particular event. These storages build up over time and begin to affect our everyday mood and function. While we are mostly not conscious of their influence, these storages do affect how we experience and interact with the world. By spending time and energy working on releasing these stored tensions, we can begin a process of healing and revitalization. This process elicits extraordinary changes in both your mental and physical wellbeing. 

Ann walks us through how she uses insight (i.e., interoceptive awareness) and the EFT/Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) methods to uncover and release physical tension, trapped memories and stored emotions. Ann’s remarkable journey has led her to heal from a lifetime of trauma and emotional and physical tension, and to inspire and encourage others to do the same through sharing the techniques she uses on a daily basis. 

The second element of this discussion revolves around how we relate to the world, and how what we feel affects what we experience. Ann explains that each person is constantly emitting a signal/vibration – a message to the universe that says “This is the way I am feeling now, please give me more reasons to feel this way”. To change what we are experiencing in life,  we need to change the signal we are emitting, and to do this requires us to release the stored tension that is subconsciously affecting our signal. 

The eventual goal of these awareness practices is to achieve inner peace, a quietened mind, and a persisting sense of wellbeing and connectedness. When we are able to release the things holding us back, we are free to live a more fulfilling, peaceful life that is filled with joy, harmony, and light. 

Get a copy of Ann’s Book, A Pathway To Insight: Re-Capture Your Childhood Buzz

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