Ep. #84 Entrepreneurship and Social Media Marketing w/ Maddie Thompson

Maddie Thompson

Maddie Thompson is the Founder of the Mad Social Agency. Maddie’s entrepreneurial roots stem back to high school where she piloted her first business, Social Clothing. Mad Social Agency is a social media marketing agency that specializes in social media management for businesses and personal brands.

Founded during Covid-19 in 2020 as a side hustle, Mad Social Agency (previously Spark Media) quickly grew as many realized that having a social media presence is of importance for marketing. Now, Mad Social Agency has grown to six part-time employees and has managed over 70+ social media accounts.

In this episode Maddie and Shane discuss the ins and outs of entrepreneurship and the world of social media marketing. Maddie walks us through her journey of becoming an entrepreneur starting at the age of 13 to becoming the founder of a successful digital agency. We also discuss some tips, tricks and insights that benefit small businesses when it comes to social media marketing, and the crazy world of social media and its impact on us.

Interview with Christian Brown from Glewee The Try Hards

With over $8 billion a year spent on influencer marketing, why not tap into a market which seemed so untapped? Seeing exponential growth and a lack of security, organization, and structure within the marketplace, Christian Brown wanted to build a platform that solves all these issues. “Glewew is now in our Web + iOS Application pre-launch phase. Focused primarily on executing marketing tactics in order to bridge the gap between brands and digital content creators. With a small team, they wear many different hats and have learned the importance of teamwork, versatility, and late many nights on slack (a notification noise that now wakes me up from any degree of sleep).” Outside of work Christian is an avid reader, writer, film watcher, and social media aficionado. Having years of experience with social media management, marketing, and brand development I have been around the world and back working with friends and colleagues who have grown exponentially in the influencer space while having a tremendous amount of fun along the way.
  1. Interview with Christian Brown from Glewee
  2. Lessons Learned In The First Year Of Business
  3. Taking The First Step
  4. Let’s Get Down To Business
  5. Entrepreneurs & Coffee
  6. Welcome Back
  7. Let’s Talk To: Cris Decena

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