Ep. #85 Exploring ADHD Healing and Intervention w/ Avigail Gimpel, M.S.

Avigail Gimpel

Avigail Gimpel is an Author, Researcher, Special Educator, Coach and Founder of Hyper Healing – a program dedicated to helping children and adults with ADHD symptoms. 

“Reversing ADHD symptoms became my personal mission. I have dedicated the last twenty plus years to research, development, and implementation of programs for children, adults, and couples struggling with ADHD symptoms. My major discovery was that ADHD symptoms have many different causes, and once we identify the cause of ADHD symptoms, we would be well on our way to reversing them. The program worked!  My children, students, and clients were rocking it.”

“I became passionate about helping every person diagnosed with ADHD identify the causes of their symptoms and choose their personal productivity plan for success. I strongly believe that healing ADHD symptoms should not cost you your life savings. Therefore, my full program is now accessible to anyone looking for guidance through my Best-Selling HyperHealing book series.”

“You, your story, and your lived experience in every detail are important to me, and my understanding of your challenges.  Since ADHD symptoms can be triggered by so many factors including a clash between your healthy personality and your environment, trauma, gut dysbiosis, sleep disturbances, lack of exercise and outdoor exposure, and screen addiction, to name a few, we must identify WHY you are struggling and then carefully craft an intervention plan for you. We will succeed and learn together, one healing intervention at a time.”


HyperHealing – Show me the science

Is your child’s ADHD causing you stress? This deep dive into what you’re facing will give any parent reassurance, comfort, and direction.

Trying to be your kid’s best advocate? Not sure how to make the right decision about medication or expensive therapy? Are you driven to understand exactly what the condition means? As a special educator, college lecturer, and mother of six, Avigail Gimpel M.S. has treated hyperactivity in students and her own children for over twenty-five years. Now she’s here to explain the nitty-gritty behind the diagnosis so parents can be empowered through knowledge.

HyperHealing, Show Me the Science is a friendly and informative exploration into the scientific specifics of ADHD. Using personal and client stories, presentation of hard science in layperson terms, and thought-provoking questions, caregivers are gently guided through important information, possible prescriptions, and intervention programs. And with help from this empathetic teacher and mom’s meticulous research, you can finally wrap your head around what attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is and decide on a viable course of action for your family.

HyperHealing, The Empowered Parent’s Complete Guide to Raising a Healthy Child with ADHD symptoms

Did your child just join the millions diagnosed with ADHD? (Why are there so many?)Do you KNOW your child is healthy but wish you had more tools (other than stimulant drugs) to help her succeed?Do you find yourself frequently exploding with frustration at your challenging child?In this entertaining and easy to read how-to guide, Avigail Gimpel, mother of six, special educator, college lecturer and parenting specialist will:• Confirm that your child is indeed healthy, and help you untangle the ADHD diagnosis.• Present a complete, clear, step-by-step intervention system to turn you into a ninja parent and get your struggling child back on track.• Explore how scientific research is used to justify medication.• Embrace you in the warmth of the HyperHealing community, an educational and support network for all parents of struggling children.HyperHealing is your complete ADHD coaching program and parenting guide in one book.

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