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Ep. #70 Understand Your DNA to Maximize Your Health w/ Dr. Mikolaj Raszek Underground Antics with Shane Pokroy

Dr. Mikolaj Raszek is the founder and managing director of Merogenomics: a Canadian biotechnology company dedicated to enhancing everyone’s access to genomic sequencing education and technologies. Merogenomics offers access to clinical DNA testing for personalized health information: screening for predispositions, undiagnosed diseases, cancer profiling and pregnancy fetal testing.   In this episode, Mikolaj and Shane discuss a variety of topics including: the explanatory power of genome sequencing, gene therapy, epigenetics, genetic evolution and biodiversity, and the relationship between our genes and our health.    Human genome sequencing provides insight into one's own biology. The most promising aspect of genome sequencing is the medical value it can give. This is a brand-new technology that is still largely unavailable to the general population but has the potential to transform the way medical science approaches the understanding and treatment of disease and therapeutic intervention. Genome sequencing offers the possibility of tailor-made solutions for everyone.    Check Out the Merogenomics YouTube Page for videos on genetics,  DNA sequencing, and COVID-19 mRNA vaccine science updates!    Start your DNA testing journey   More of Dr. Raszek and Merogenomics:  🙏🏽 LinkedIn: Dr. Mikolaj Raszek 🙏🏽 Merogenomics Website 🙏🏽 Facebook: @Merogenomics 🙏🏽 LinkedIn: Merogenomics 🙏🏽 Twitter: @Merogenomics   More of Shane:  🙏🏽 Underground Antics Website   🙏🏽 LinkedIn: Shane Pokroy   🙏🏽 Instagram: @shanepokroy 🙏🏽 Facebook: @UndergroundAnticsPodcast   🎧 Listen and subscribe to Underground Antics on your favourite podcast platform  Apple Podcasts Spotify   Produced by: Jason Shapiro  https://shapirocreations.com/    🙏🏽 Thanks for tuning in!   Share this episode with someone who might enjoy it!   #podcast #genetics #DNA #genomesequencing #health #biochemistry #gene #science #technology #biotechnology #cancerscreening #genepanel #epigenetics #genetherapy #cloning #chromosomes #geneticbiodiversity   Disclaimer: The information and materials offered here or in any correspondence originating from this site, are intended for educational purposes only. This information is not meant to be a substitute for or to replace professional psychological or medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment of any kind. Nothing on this site should be considered as the practice of psychological or medical care and is not meant to provide professional advice or a psychological or medical service of any kind. If you are seeking advice about your psychological well-being, mental health, or general physical health, please seek the care of a regulated healthcare professional without delay. Your decision to use any of the information or materials provided on this site acknowledges your acceptance of these terms, and the use of information and material contained within is solely at your own risk.
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