Ep. #9: Finding the silver lining in a time of crisis w/ Bill Tibbo

Bill Tibbo is the president & CEO of Bill Tibbo & Associates. he is a clinical social worker, Corporate Clinical Consultant and Disaster Management Specialist. In this episode, Bill Tibbo and I discuss how people navigate change in their lives – both small and big. Major crises happen to everyone and dealing with the aftermath can be daunting. Everyone deals with crisis differently; however, through crisis comes transformation. Our true strength as human beings (both personally and communally) emerges during a time of crisis. Through empathy and love it is possible to find a silver lining. In this episode we discuss some of Bill’s work with individuals and organizations during the 9/11 attacks in NYC, the SARS epidemic, and the 1999 earthquake in Istanbul. Finally, we go into the current COVID crises and how people can come together, despite differences in belief and opinion, to do what is necessary to prevail together in the face of adversity. 

Bill Tibbo

Bill Tibbo is the President & CEO of Bill Tibbo & Associates

➤ Throughout the past 30 years Bill, President and CEO of Bill Tibbo & Associates, has provided consulting services to hundreds of business leaders in many of North America’s Fortune 500 corporations, as well as a complete spectrum of public sector organizations.

➤ As a Corporate Clinical Consultant and Disaster Management Specialist, Bill has had the honour of leading Post Disaster Debriefing teams after the following events:

  ➾1999; earthquake in Istanbul, Turkey

  ➾September 11, 2001; World Trade Centre attack in New York City,

  ➾2003; SARS Epidemic…serviced epicenter at North York General Hospital

  ➾2004; Hurricane Ivan in the Cayman Islands

  ➾2005; Air France Crash, Pearson International Airport, Toronto

  ➾2014: RCMP Shootings In Moncton New Brunswick

  ➾2016: Fort McMurray Alberta Forest Fires

➤ Best Selling Author of Leadership in the Eye of the Storm Released November 2016.

➤ Today Bill continues to consult regularly with international business leaders, insurance companies, entrepreneurs, professional athletes and government groups, including the United Nations, as they endeavor to stabilize their organizations both before and after crisis situations.

➤ He and his team serve as the Primary Clinical Consultants to the OPP, Hamilton Police Service, Halton Police Service and Peel Police Service as well as all of the Air Traffic Team for NAV CANADA. 

➤ Bill is a cofounder of Camp FACES, a summer camp for Family and Children of Emergency Service Workers. 

➤ Finally, Bill Tibbo & Associates work closely with Canada’s Aboriginal communities as it pertains to the Indian Residential Schools and designed and led the Health Team for the First National Truth and Reconciliation Event in Winnipeg.

More of Bill: www.billtibbo.com 

Watch the video version:

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