Ep. #65 A Spiritual Awakening w/ Radavie Riom

Radavie Riom

Radavie was deeply affected by her childhood traumas.  Although she was one of nine children, she felt singled out by her mother who continually targeted her with judgment, blame, and threats. She was even accused by her mother for her difficult child birth.  While growing up, her mother would threaten to sell Radavie in the market.  There was also physical abuse.  She withdrew from her family spending most of her early years alone.

Being a highly sensitive person, along with extrasensory perception, allowed Radavie to see and feel things that others could not.  In her sadness she would comfort herself by staying alone and living in her world of contemplation. She continued asking, “Why was I born?” “What is the meaning of life?” She desperately wanted to understand and know God.  She held the thought of God so deeply that it was the ribbon of light that weaved through the tapestry of her life.

Radavie entered the world of business and started two successful enterprises. Yet, this was not enough to fill her deep yearning for God. So she walked away from the business world to follow and fulfill her deep and mysterious calling to come home to Spirit.

A breakthrough came when she was in her late thirties. In the midst of a deep and painful emotional relationship, the wounded little girl whom she rejected all those years suddenly appeared before her.  She had no choice but to face her.  In spite of the desire to continue being separate, she now had to release the wounded past and experience the emotions held by the little girl.

That was her path to freedom and completely shifted her self-perception. In that instant a veil lifted and she was Spiritually Awakened: she experienced that her essential nature was never the wounded child, and that the doubts and fears that she held as her identity, were never who she was.

Spirit refers to Radavie as “Mother to the Wounded Children.” Her desire is to serve others who are ready to free themselves from haunting and stuck memories. Radavie serves from her soul’s contract by assisting her clients in the way she healed her own wounds. Healing the adult starts with healing the child.  As a highly sensitive person, her intuition and devotion, coupled with Divine Guidance, are the life spring from which she serves clients to live a more awakened life.

For 30 years Radavie has served thousands to release the veils of who they are not.  From her own experience she has realized that our tender hearts cannot experience true peace until the True Self, the Divine Spark that we are, is unveiled.

Radavie’s search for God has ended.  She now sees God in the mirror … the same mirror that reflects you.  Many faces, One Spirit.

Radavie Riom is Spiritual Teacher, Shaman, and Wounded Child Healer. She is devoted to serving the Divine Spirit that lies within everything. Through personal experiences of healing childhood wounds, an intuitive nature, plant medicine, and spiritual guidance, Radavie now lives to help others heal from their past wounds and traumas, end their sufferings, and awaken to their true selves – the divine spark within.

“It is our destiny to awaken to True Self, the Divine Sparks that we are, and live in freedom and harmony from the spaciousness of Inner Peace.” – Radavie

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