Ep. #82 Living Free From the Bonds of Your Scars w/ Cody Byrns

Cody Byrns

Cody Byrns is an award-winning speaker and performer with over 16 years of professional experience. Cody’s life underwent a major shift in 2013 after a horrific traffic accident left his body burned and scarred. After years of countless surgeries, and innumerable physical and emotional hurdles, Cody has since founded his own nonprofit Burn Foundation, and is on a mission to spread his story of inspiration, hope, and recovery to everyone he meets.

Cody does not let his scars dictate his identity. He encourages a life of freedom, and wants to help people live free from the bonds of scars

“The good you tend to forget as time goes on, but the challenges and triggers linger around longer than we care to admit. Life presents many challenges that are either a result of your own, or someone else’s doing. But your character is only built inside of your ability to embrace challenges. There’s no way around… only through. Through these experiences, you are tested physically, emotionally, and spiritually. They reveal to you who you truly are at your core and speak to the areas in which you need self-improvement. But you have to be open, to “listen” for the lesson. Let me show you how to rise above challenges and use them as a launching pad to achieve your vision, to move past your perceived limitations. It is time. Be prepared to transform your life.” – Cody 

Get a copy of Scar Release: Breaking Free of Yesterday’s Troubles 

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