Ep. #49 Find Your Vibrance and Embrace Your JOMO, The Joy Of Moving On w/ Karey Spransy

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Karey Spransy

Karey Spransy is a resilience coach who knows what it’s like to feel overwhelmed and pushed down by life. Her experiences as a single teen mother, losing two loved ones to suicide, going through two divorces, and battling stage IV-4 colon cancer taught her how to use setbacks as springboards and failures as fuel. 

For a self-professed extrovert and FOMO junkie, the joy of missing out felt like giving up, so she changed JOMO to the Joy Of Moving On. Through her one-on-one coaching and group programs, she teaches others how to find their JOMO and just Do The Damn Thing. 

She is unapologetically real and holds nothing back in her storytelling. She uses grace and humor to make you laugh, cry, and cry-laugh about the absurdities of life and feel inspired to find your JOMO. 

Ep. #47 Exploring Creativity, Magick, and Human Nature In Meditation w/ Ambika Devi

Ambika Devi is an international award-winning bestselling author of four books, an astrologer, meditation Jedi, and creative sexagenarian who stuffs her backpack with colored pens, a journal, a kindle, a passport and a deck of tarot cards here to unleash your intuition.

In this episode, Ambika and I have a great conversation about many different topics including Lego, meditation and meditative activities, expressing your inner creativity, spreading love, and finding your authentic intuitive magick. We also discuss ancient architecture, mysticism, human nature, human history, and sacred geometry. We also discuss mystical experiences, psychedelic journeys, aliens, and more. Ultimately, finding, exploring, and honoring your creativity is key to personal expression. Meditation is central to finding your peace, igniting your soul, and living a good life.

Ambika Devi

Ambika is on a peace building mission to help people realize their true nature so that they can step out of the churning river of thoughts and activity of the mind, stop wearing insane schedules like badges of honor, and begin their days reinforced with the calmness a meditation practice brings.

With 44 years of experience, 13,000 plus hours of study and having taught over 19,000 people the art of meditation, Ambika gives you five clear steps that lead you directly into a deep state of meditation. As your coach she places you precisely on your path using tools from her multiple degrees in fields of study including: A Masters in Yoga and Meditation, and bachelor’s degrees in Astrology, and Fine Arts.

As an international best-selling and award-winning author Ambika helps you bring your vision of a book into reality. As a speaker she motivates and inspires audiences so that they feel empowered to transform themselves and help others. Ambika has appeared on The Learning Channel, syndicated and public radio, and in periodicals as a relationship and communication expert and taught Holistic Health at the university level for 21 years.

Get tickets to the Awakening Joy event at https://www.vedara.org/  

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Ep. #38 Navigating Our Expectations w/ Ben Winter

Ben Winter is an actor, improv master, coach, and a best-selling author of several non-fiction books on living a better life. His latest book, “What to Expect When Having Expectations”, is about understanding where your expectations come from, what drives them, why you aren’t always aware of them, how to come to peace after being upset by an expectation going unmet, and increasing communication with yourself and others. Ben and I discuss several of these topics in this episode as we explore the world of expectations and why they can make us so unhappy. Ben shares with us how we can use the anger and upset of having unmet expectations to find peace and live a happier life. 

Ben Winter

Ben certainly hasn’t been idle in life. A couple of years out of college and he started doing things and going places he never would have expected. From traveling to personal growth to marriage and child to divorce and parenthood to entrepreneurialism and inspiring others. Ben has flown an airplane on his own and has been scuba diving in the Galapagos. He has seen the animals of Tanzania and has traveled all over Europe with a 6-month-old child in tow. He has performed improv for over a decade, acted in several plays, and even a movie.  He has owned several businesses.

His biggest passion is exploring the mind. In all of his personal growth work, the one constant was that it all stems from the mind. Between personal growth and improv, he found this weird realm called expectations. And while most people would shy away from such a thing, he decided to tackle it head-on.  Along his journey, he decided that “the only reason anyone gets upset is because an expectation hasn’t been met.” And begin teaching that in his Success Improv business.

From there, he noticed that there has to be a way to use that upset feeling to fix the situation. And he created the amazing “How to stop being upset” flow chart.

From there it was a simple step of taking everything that he has explored on the subject and put it in a book called, “What to Expect when Having Expectations.”

Ep. #36 Sex, Love, and Intimacy w/ Lynn-dee Van Rensburg

Lynn-dee Van Rensburg is a sex and sexuality coach. Based on a neo-tantra approach, Lynn-dee uses tools like breathwork, trauma healing, meditation, energy work, and movement to guide people to connect with their inner beauty and natural sexuality. Lynn-dee’s holistic approach involves a special concoction of science, psychology and the Eastern methodology of Tantra Sex. In our modern culture, sex is is largely not spoken about and this leaves people feeling confused, frustrated, and helpless. Through connecting with our true selves, Lynn-dee shows us how we can start to embrace ourselves as sacred sexual beings and experience deep connection and joy, both with ourselves and with partners. Many people face blockages of all kinds in their sex life, and struggle to know how or what to do about it. But, there are answers and Lynn-dee is here to help! 

Lynn-dee Van Rensburg

“I am full of joy. Joy that I want to learn to spread to the whole world. My happiness and joy is the key to my coaching and my style of coaching. I have 4 beautiful kids and happily married 10years my sexuality with my husband was really routine based and this is where my healing journey started my dry sex life and had to explore more than sex than the western world say there is to sex and led me to me more journey of extreme self healing. I thrive on bringing people into their power, I love asking 1000 of questions hence i am a coach now. I get paid to answer questions that are uncomfortable and worth asking. I love nature, self help junkies, love everything that touches the heart, mind based stuff are good from communication but bores the shit out of me. I live in southern Africa and experience the healing journey everyday and am a living example of what I preach.”

Lynn-dee Van Rensburg

Visit Wild at Heart Coaching for more info: https://lynn-dee.com/

Ep. #32 Living Impenetrable Joy w/ Erin Mac

Erin Mac is a mindset facilitator helping entrepreneurs find clarity, purpose and joy NOW, on the way to abundance. Affectionately known as the “Joy Slinger”, Erin teaches people how to create impenetrable joy in their lives. So often so many of us struggle with finding peace and joy in our lives. We tend to be at the mercy of thoughts and emotions – both our own and those of people around us. Our interactions in, and perceptions of, life are limited and painful when we react to the world rather than respond. To react is to fight against what is because reality does not conform to our expectations of how we think things should be. In contrast, to respond to life is to live in the present moment, to accept the thoughts and actions of ourselves and others without judgement, and to respond to the situation calmly and effectively. 

To live a life of impenetrable joy is to have peace of mind, meaningful relationships, a good work/life balance and to find fulfillment and purpose in everything we do.  It is possible for anyone to discover what is most meaningful in life, to effectively deal with depression, stress, and anxiety, to be inspired, and to live a life of peace and joy. 

Erin Mac

Erin Mac is a mindset facilitator helping entrepreneurs find clarity, purpose and joy NOW, on the way to abundance.

“I was then invited to become a Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer, studying under Mike Dooley, to teach what he teaches, and that is just what I did.  While getting certified, it became clear to me that it is my life’s purpose to help business people find joy, purpose, and meaning in their lives.  I have received both Certifications that are offered under the Infinite Possibilities training and have conducted these workshops for two years.”

Erin Mac

Ep. #28 Creating a life of Happiness, Prosperity, and Love w/ Dawna Campbell

Dawna Campbell is a professional speaker, international healer, and best seller author, sharing her techniques. In this episode, Dawna and I discuss how our thoughts and emotions influence and create the life we experience. Dawna shares her personal story of discovering how powerful thoughts are, and how we can utilize thoughts to create better lives for ourselves – a life of happiness, prosperity, and love. Our relationship with our thoughts plays a major role in determining how we perceive various situations in our lives. For example, the way we have learned to think about money and finances sets us up to create that version of reality. If we want to change how our reality is, we must become aware of our conditioned thoughts and emotions about the situation. Then we can begin to heal ourselves and create new realities. 

Dawna Campbell

Known as the Mind Whisperer, Dawna combines her past knowledge, wisdom, and experience to assist you in creating and restoring a life of happiness, prosperity, and love.  Dawna has over 25 years combined years of professional experience.  As a former Financial Advisor, her book, Financially Fit, is a #1 Amazon International Best Seller bringing together the world of money and the energy body, and the souls essence.  She is a professional speaker sharing her techniques during interactive workshops and maintains an international private practice.  Dawna has shared the stage with Lisa Nichols, Dr. Joe Vitale, Sharon Lechter, and Kevin Harrington.  Her personal Heart Centered Healing philosophy is to create a world that is a better place for all to live.  

“We are vibrational beings, producing an energy field of waves.  These wave patterns are encoded with our life experiences and emotions through our brain wave patterns.  These wave patterns send out signals to the universe, and return to us, the very thoughts, feelings, and emotions that we are having.  As a Mind Whisperer®, I start with your conscious thought, and guide you to find the thought behind the thought, behind the thought…. back to the original thought through your emotions, and change the  feeling associated with the thought to create a different experience.

Thought Form Energy Healing® is a life changing method that brings about instantaneous change by releasing the emotional heavy thought forms that were recorded in the subconscious and blocked in the body, and replace the thought form with a new emotional experience to a life of happiness, prosperity, and love for you.

Here are some examples of how Thought Form Energy Healing® might assist you:

– Health: Increasing your overall wellness, dis-creating sickness and illness

– Wealth: Creating an abundant mindset, manifesting, and increasing prosperity

– Relationships: Attracting more love in your life, soulmates, family, community

– Spiritual: Aligning with your life purpose, path, and direction in life

– Emotional: Releasing trauma and abuse, self-worth, knowing that you matter”

Dawna Campbell (https://www.dawnacampbell.com/)

Ep. #25 Creating Change and Embodying Your True Self w/ Nina Camille

Nina Camille is a modern mystic, medicine woman, healer, teacher, mentor, and coach who guides people to discover their truest, freest, and most loving Selves. In this episode, Nina and I discuss how change and difficulty in life are opportunities for us to grow and deepen our sense of spirit. We often know what is good for us, and yet we resist actually implementing the changes. This internal conflict can often generate significant suffering for ourselves and others around us. Nina explains how embracing change and embodying your truth can have a profound transformation of your life. It is possible for us to recognize and embrace the sacredness of life – to live a life of peace, joy, and love. We can embrace life’s challenges as opportunities for growth and connection with Life itself. Ultimately, it is through connecting with our true selves – our authentic being – that we can begin to create a reality for ourselves that is joyful, harmonious, and free. 

We are here to honor the fullness of the human journey and be guided by the eternal Spirit within. We are here to remember ourSelves – that we are pure Love consciousness – and to live our lives in alignment with true inner freedom, our own intuitive wisdom and joy. I help all beings come home to their truth and remember who they really are so they may offer their unique expressions of love, freedom and service to the world. Our life is our art. We came to be all here, to remember, to play, to be fully alive and awake. We are Love in form. We are Divinity in form. We are Oneness in form.

Nina Camille

Nina and I discuss how she has found great fulfillment and joy in her work as a spiritual healer. Finding and using the tools each of us has to create our own reality is an enormously powerful practice for bringing peace and fulfilment to our lives. Presence/Mindfulness is one of the most important, if not the most important, practices to discovering inner peace. For many of us, we have spent a lot of time trying to learn how to make our lives better, but have not yet started embodying and living the truth. This is to say that there is a marked difference between conceptually/mentally knowing something and practically/pragmatically living the truth through experience. Nina explains that in order for someone to actually start making a change in their life, the pain of the situation must be great enough that one is compelled to do something differently or the inspiration (i.e. the ‘why’) has to be strong enough to lead one in a new direction. 

Navigating the world as a human being is very strange, and often very scary. Our minds are an amazing tool that has evolved for our survival. However, sometimes, the mind can get stuck in old belief systems about ourselves, others, and the world around us. All too often we remain in the “hell we know” rather than risking making a change because we are afraid of the unknown – and the unknown, according to the mind, is potentially worse than the current known (even if the known right now isn’t great). However, if we take the leap of faith into the unknown, and allow ourselves to start experiencing new possibilities, we often find that we have the power to make amazing changes in our lives – changes that can lead to a wonderful life of peace, joy, and love. 

Nina and I also discuss how we grow and deppen through adversity and challenges in our lives. Life has a way of always putting new challenges in our lives – challenges that will force us to discover our strengths, and will ultimately lead to growth. In the same way that building muscle strength requires challenging those muscles with strenuous exercise (and continually pushing your limits), so too do we grow spiritually when faced with life challenges. We will often look back on challenges we’ve faced in the past and recognize that that challenge played an essential role in shaping who we are today. By accepting, and even welcoming challenge and change in life, we can begin to have a different experience of challenge; instead of resisting and resenting the challenges we face, we can begin to accept and even welcome the difficulty because we recognize that it is an amazing opportunity for growth that has been afforded to us by life itself. 

Nina Camille

Nina Camille is a modern mystic, medicine woman, healer, teacher, mentor, and coach who guides people to discover their truest, freest, and most loving Selves.

“I live my version of ultimate freedom. I do what I want, when I want, where I want, with whom I want to do it. I spend most of the year traveling and working from beautiful retreat locations, with dear friends and co-creators. My body, mind, emotional state and spiritual practice are my absolute top priorities. My health, business, money and relationships thrive as a result. I live in alignment with my teachings, I take incredibly good care of myself every day and prioritize my own well-being so I can be of massive service to the world. I genuinely love myself, hold myself gently, show up to my own work and allow others to do the same for themselves. I live what I teach, every single day.” – Nina

Ep. #19 Holistic Health and Dealing with Chronic Pain w/ Dr. Tracy Debi

Dr. Tracy Debi is a former holistic chiropractor turned intuitive guide & mentor for purposeful living. She is an entrepreneur, podcaster, coach, and healer. In this episode, Dr. Tracy and I discuss what it means to treat patients holistically – as a whole human being. The current model for patient treatment tends to primarily focus on treating conditions, diseases, or symptoms as isolated issues rather than treating the whole person. Through her own experience of dealing with, and overcoming, chronic back pain and in her work treating patients, Tracy has discovered that ‘physical’ pain is often connected to a person’s psychological and emotional state. This is to say that as human beings, we exist as biopsychosocial creatures and we ought to receive treatment that incorporates all the facets of a person’s life. Our minds and bodies are intimately connected and so challenges in one area of life usually also affect all other areas. Moreover, psychological difficulties relating to trauma, identity, and subconscious belief systems often manifest as physical pain in recognizable and definitive patterns. By exploring and integrating a variety of treatment modalities, Tracy has helped countless patients find relief from their pain, gain new insights into themselves, and ultimately find greater peace and success in life. 

Dr Tracy Debi

Dr Tracy Debi is a former holistic chiropractor turned intuitive guide & mentor for purposeful living. She is an entrepreneur, podcaster, coach, and healer.

Tracy’s company, Atelier I’X ,is on the cutting edge of modern spiritual alignment housed in a global advisory firm for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to get reacquainted with their whole body and purpose that lies within their heart in order to live a life of alignment with clarity and confidence. 

Check out Tracy’s Spirit of Success Podcast:

78: Reflecting on Contrast, Transformation, and Being Unapologetic Spirit of Success

As we’re approaching the end of 2021, it’s time for the last monthly reflection episode for this season! These reflections are inspired by my teaching Thursday episodes, as well as my interviews from this season. In taking the time to reflect on my own movement from knowledge to wisdom, I’m able to explore how to best share my experiences so that you can also benefit in your own movement forward. Here are the three themes that this episode explores (and listen out for how the themes explore each other – these ones especially are very interconnected!) as well as some questions around them that you can ask yourself: CONTRAST – What am I resisting being, doing, or having? What I now think about as contrast learning is something I used to refer to as the pendulum swing, because most healing comes from experiencing both sides of something. You experience pain, but you also experience joy, and having those things so close together helps you undertake a lot of growing and learning in a short amount of time – that is, if you’re open to it. When you’re just feeling stuck – which can look like something different for all of us – asking yourself where the resistance is coming from can help you move through to the next step with more ease.  TRANSFORMATION – How do you view yourself? Do you trust in yourself? Does your self image reflect the amazing power of who you really are? Transformation is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. As Goura told us last episode, “You are what you think you are.” Transformation makes people think of change, which can be scary – at least, it was for me at the start of my journey. But I knew that I needed to embrace positive change to become the person I wanted to be. If you’re not happy with something, the answer is to transform whatever it is that you don’t like into something that you DO want. Transformation is simple and elemental, and comes from the inside out. You can trust yourself to transform into what you need to be by finding your true self. BE UNAPOLOGETIC – Do you know why you’re here, and what you’re meant to do on planet Earth? Do you get caught up in thinking about living purposefully, or do you just do it, unapologetically, the way your kid self used to do? When you’re a kid, you don’t worry about what other people think of you – because when you enter this human life, you know that you are divine and unique. You’re unconsciously, effortless, and unapologetically yourself. There’s only one of you, and you are so, so powerful; collectively as humans, we seem to forget that it is enough to just be yourself. Transformation happens the most quickly when you are unapologetically yourself, and you can rediscover the habit of being who you truly and divinely are. If you know someone that could benefit from hearing this episode, please share it with them. And if you are seeking guidance or help, please reach out to me. You change the world by changing yourself first – I’m passionate about sharing what I’ve learned so that you can help yourself, too. You can also give us a 5-star rating on iTunes, and we love and appreciate all of your support. Tune in next week for the first episode of the 2021 reflection series, where I look back at some of the best episodes from this year!  Connect with Tracy Instagram/Facebook: @dr.tracydebi http://www.atelierix.co To work with Tracy, you can book a call here: https://calendly.com/drtracydebi/fit-ability-call Spirit of Success is a podcast creating a platform for honest conversations sharing the real life stories behind personal transformations. If you’re a fan of the podcast, don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and review Spirit of Success! If you resonated with something you heard, don’t forget to share with a friend! Edited by: Jess Schmidt Logo: The Cultivated Group Music: ‘Breathe out, Breathe in’ (Instrumental) by Roof
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  2. 77: The Lifelong Journey of Integrating Human Alchemy with Goura Loto
  3. 76: Shining My Own Light to Find the Freedom of the Good- Part 2
  4. 75: Shining My Own Light to Find the Freedom of the Good – Part 1
  5. 74: Reflecting Self Expression, The Place of No Effort & Everything Being a Choice

Ep. #11: A Modern Renaissance of Culture w/ Dr. Vidoll Regisford

Dr. Vidoll Regisford is a competent psychotherapy and counselling practitioner, who has worked in a variety of clinical settings, senior management and executive roles. In this episode, Vidoll and I discuss the current challenges and transformations in culture around the world. Through compassion, empathy, and the divinity of the human spirit, we strive to change the world for the better. In reviewing various historical movements and political changes, we discuss what it would mean for us as a society to move towards positive change in the world. A changing world needs leaders who move and act with wisdom and compassion. All too often, radical shifts in power end up recreating and repeating the same problems – albeit packaged in a different ideology. However, there is a way forward; a way to transcend the difficulties – and this way is through an increase in the consciousness of humanity. Every human being has a divine essence, and although this essence can be obscured and hidden away, ultimately there is hope for humanity. Good will always prevail. 

Dr Vidoll Regisford (Ph.D., M.Ed., B.A., SSW., CC)

Registered Psychotherapist & Corporate Consultant specializing in Diversity & Inclusion/Human Resources Practices 

Dr. Regisford is a competent psychotherapy and counselling practitioner, who has worked in a variety of clinical settings, senior management and executive roles. He began his career working in the high-priority neighbourhoods of Toronto’s Jane-Finch and Regent Park neighbourhoods, delivering crisis and trauma counselling to a diversity of marginalized, racialized and immigrant youth, and their families, who were victims of gun-violence.

With a high orientation to working with complex cases, he has been contracted by ethno-specific and mainstream organizations to intervene in clinical matters, achieving successful solution-focused outcomes. He developed his cultural-competence in counselling, employing unique approaches to serving the mentally ill from various racial and ethnic backgrounds, relying on a collective approach to therapy, employing cultural interpreters, translators, and where necessary, developing corporate policies on diversity and inclusion in clinical care for organizations.

Dr. Regisford took his knowledge of people and went on to lead organizations in the healthcare, social housing and the education sector, training and developing teams of social workers, nurses, consultants and community development practitioners in building and strengthening communities within a social determinants of health framework. His clinical aptitude and innovation in community health-education, and those of his colleagues, teams, partners and collaborators, have been recognized by the Ontario Hospital Association as well as international bodies focused on innovation in preventative health, such as the International Society of Blacks in Health Sciences. His efforts to eradicate the barriers and stigma associated with mental health continue in the form of presentations, lectures, magazines and his radio program, Life Matters, to a variety of audiences.

Formerly the Vice-President of Human Resources & Missions Services for Goodwill Industries, Dr. Regisford worked with public, private and non-profit organizations to employ individuals desperately in need of work. He took these skills and networks to George Brown College as Director of its Partnership office to city-build alongside multiple organizations focused on the social and economic development of the city of Toronto.

Dr. Regisford began his studies in Social Service Work and Community Development followed by a Degree in Sociology at York University in Toronto. He then went on to complete a Masters Degree in Adult Education and Community development at the University of Toronto. He achieved his first doctorate in Counselling, and a post-doctorate Ph.D in Counselling-Psychology, focused on Emotional Intimacy Therapy at California State Christian University.

He is principal for Knowledge Solutions and Associates, a general psychotherapy and counselling practice serving trauma victims, as well as youth, couples and families in crises. His clients are school boards, insurance companies, child protection services and faith- communities to name a few.

He brings to his work both cultural and emotional intelligence. He is also a critical stress and crisis debriefer, often called in to serve Police Services across the province, along with other first-responders, regionally and nationally. Formerly he served on the Dellcrest Children’s Service Advisory Committee, and now serves as a volunteer for the Salvation Army, a board member for Habitat for Humanity and We Will Now International Youth Development Project. Dr. Regisford possesses memberships to various accredited and governing bodies as a certified and registered psychotherapist.

Watch video version:

Ep. #8: Qigong and Meditation w/ Chris DiCecco

Chris DiCecco is a pianist, composer, producer, & poet. In this episode Chris and Shane discuss the ancient medicine, qigong (a system of coordinated body and breath movement), matching vibrational frequencies of the voice with different chakras and parts of the body, and the gift of animals as zen masters.

Chris DiCecco

Chris DiCecco is a pianist, composer, producer, & poet.

Watch video version: