Ep. #48 Be Good To Yourself w/ Robyn Harris

Robyn Harris

Robyn Harris describes herself as a Soul Alignment Mentor as she strongly believes that if we want to experience real and lasting wellbeing we need to be true to who we really are, what she calls our Soul Self.  For Robyn this means listening to – and following – our own unique inner wisdom and guidance.

However trauma, in its many and varied forms, can cause us to feel cut off from this sense of direction and security.

Robyn is therefore passionate about how we can find our own unique and individual ways of reconnecting with this deep sense of self.

Studying MetaConsciousness™ had such a profound impact on Robyn that she now loves sharing with others how our thoughts and beliefs impact on our wellbeing, and how our bodies respond to these and to the world around us.

Having this knowledge enables us to make the choices that will best support our wellbeing.

Having known what it’s like to feel stressed, ill and overwhelmed, she is passionate about holding a safe and nurturing space in which to intuitively and gently inspire others to reconnect with their sense of joy, purpose and love of Life.

She loves Nature and animals and loves exploring the insights they can offer to help us on our journey.

And when we realise that we are the creators of our own future we can do this in the ways that are most effective for us – and we can make it fun!

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