Ep. #56 An Exploration Into Mindfulness-Based Coaching w/ David Frank Gomes

David Gomes is a Mindfulness teacher, coach and mentor. He offers a thoughtful effective coaching approach for living an impactful, thoughtful & productive life. The wisdom of mindfulness transformed into practical formulas for daily living. In this Episode, David and I discuss the intricacies of mindful-based coaching. For David, the intersection of mindfulness and modernContinue reading “Ep. #56 An Exploration Into Mindfulness-Based Coaching w/ David Frank Gomes”

Ep. #55 The Power of Intentional Gratitude w/ Deborah Hawkins

Deborah Hawkins started blogging on mindfulness and gratitude as a way to work herself out of depression. She has posted reflections on everyday things or experiences that lift her mood on nosmallthing.net almost every week since 2010. She has developed an “intentional” approach to a gratitude practice that is empowering, authentic, and fun. Through herContinue reading “Ep. #55 The Power of Intentional Gratitude w/ Deborah Hawkins”

Ep. #7: Meaning and Purpose w/ Debbie Homewood

Debbie Homewood is a Registered Psychotherapist and counsellor with 30 years experience in private practice and has three years experience as a full-time Pastoral Advisor. In this episode, Debbie and I discuss how people need, find, and create meaning in their lives using Viktor Frankl’s logotherapeutic techniques. Through awareness/mindfulness, we can use our innate freedomContinue reading “Ep. #7: Meaning and Purpose w/ Debbie Homewood”