Ep. #19 Holistic Health and Dealing with Chronic Pain w/ Dr. Tracy Debi

Dr. Tracy Debi is a former holistic chiropractor turned intuitive guide & mentor for purposeful living. She is an entrepreneur, podcaster, coach, and healer. In this episode, Dr. Tracy and I discuss what it means to treat patients holistically – as a whole human being. The current model for patient treatment tends to primarily focus onContinue reading “Ep. #19 Holistic Health and Dealing with Chronic Pain w/ Dr. Tracy Debi”

Ep. #16: The Standing Meditation w/ Nate Rifkin

In this episode, Nate and I discuss his most recent book on the life-changing Daoist meditation known as The Standing Meditation. For millennia, people have searched for methods and techniques to reduce suffering, master their mind, and find meaning and support in life. One of the ancient wisdom traditions, known as Daoism, offers a uniqueContinue reading “Ep. #16: The Standing Meditation w/ Nate Rifkin”

Ep. #15: Mystical Experiences, Alien Encounters, Spirituality, and Universal Peace w/ Wajid Hassan

Wajid has lived an interesting and varied life in many fields of endeavor. From a technical background as a Field Service Engineer, to stand up comedian with over twenty years as a union actor doing voice over, narration, commercials as well as TV and movie roles. He also encompasses over forty years experience in theContinue reading “Ep. #15: Mystical Experiences, Alien Encounters, Spirituality, and Universal Peace w/ Wajid Hassan”

Ep. #7: Meaning and Purpose w/ Debbie Homewood

Debbie Homewood is a Registered Psychotherapist and counsellor with 30 years experience in private practice and has three years experience as a full-time Pastoral Advisor. In this episode, Debbie and I discuss how people need, find, and create meaning in their lives using Viktor Frankl’s logotherapeutic techniques. Through awareness/mindfulness, we can use our innate freedomContinue reading “Ep. #7: Meaning and Purpose w/ Debbie Homewood”

Ep. #6: Extraterrestrials w/ Chris DiCecco

In this episode, Chris and Shane discuss Gopi Krishna’s experience with Kundalini energy work and thoughts about universal evolution. We also discuss alien encounters, Travis Walton’s abduction experience, and the possibilities of alien music. Hope you enjoy!  Watch the video version:

Ep. #4: Meet Chris DiCecco

Chris DiCecco is a pianist, composer, producer, & poet. We start this episode with a conversation about Rumi, the 13th-century Persian poet and Sufi mystic. We then dive into some of our experiences with mysticism and spirituality, the power and influence of music,  finding a path of passion to follow, psychedelics, and a few storiesContinue reading “Ep. #4: Meet Chris DiCecco”