Ep. #37 Living Well With Neurodiversity w/ Marina Livis

Marina and I discuss her journey of recently being diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome (Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD) and how it has manifested in her life. We discuss how she has spent much of her career trying to help other people who have similar diagnoses understand and treat their conditions using holistic healing approaches – includingContinue reading “Ep. #37 Living Well With Neurodiversity w/ Marina Livis”

Ep. #36 Sex, Love, and Intimacy w/ Lynn-dee Van Rensburg

Lynn-dee Van Rensburg is a sex and sexuality coach. Based on a neo-tantra approach, Lynn-dee uses tools like breathwork, trauma healing, meditation, energy work, and movement to guide people to connect with their inner beauty and natural sexuality. Lynn-dee’s holistic approach involves a special concoction of science, psychology and the Eastern methodology of Tantra Sex.Continue reading “Ep. #36 Sex, Love, and Intimacy w/ Lynn-dee Van Rensburg”

Ep. #34 The Power to Speak Naked w/ Tyler Foley

Sean Tyler Foley is an accomplished film and stage performer and has been acting in film and television since he was 6 years old after his father passed away suddenly in a motor vehicle accident. With his distinct and direct style, Tyler is emerging as one of North America’s sought-after leaders in the field ofContinue reading “Ep. #34 The Power to Speak Naked w/ Tyler Foley”

Ep. #33 Sustainable High Level Productivity w/ Brent Huras

Brent Huras is a productivity coach. He coaches his clients to reclaim their power, their wellness, their responsibility, their sense of purpose, and to reach their full potential. When we talk about and think about productivity, we normally think about getting as much stuff done as possible. When we don’t do as much as weContinue reading “Ep. #33 Sustainable High Level Productivity w/ Brent Huras”

Ep. #32 Living Impenetrable Joy w/ Erin Mac

Erin Mac is a mindset facilitator helping entrepreneurs find clarity, purpose and joy NOW, on the way to abundance. Affectionately known as the “Joy Slinger”, Erin teaches people how to create impenetrable joy in their lives. So often so many of us struggle with finding peace and joy in our lives. We tend to beContinue reading “Ep. #32 Living Impenetrable Joy w/ Erin Mac”

Ep. #31 Unleash Your Inner Hero w/ Christian De La Huerta

Christian De La Huerta is an Author, TedX Speaker, and Personal Transformation Coach. In this episode, Christian and I delve into his work on helping people become their own hero.  All too often we feel afraid, dejected, powerless, depressed, and anxious in life; however, inside each of us is a power to transform how weContinue reading “Ep. #31 Unleash Your Inner Hero w/ Christian De La Huerta”

Ep. #29 Embracing Change and Creating Balance w/ Mike Solitro

Mike Solitro is a consultative leader who has played multiple key roles in countless real estate transactions. He is a Real Estate Attorney, an Associate Broker, and the Founder of AccomplishedRE. In this episode, Mike and I discuss how companies and teams look to manage change properly. We also discuss how large companies with multipleContinue reading “Ep. #29 Embracing Change and Creating Balance w/ Mike Solitro”

Ep. #28 Creating a life of Happiness, Prosperity, and Love w/ Dawna Campbell

Dawna Campbell is a professional speaker, international healer, and best seller author, sharing her techniques. In this episode, Dawna and I discuss how our thoughts and emotions influence and create the life we experience. Dawna shares her personal story of discovering how powerful thoughts are, and how we can utilize thoughts to create better livesContinue reading “Ep. #28 Creating a life of Happiness, Prosperity, and Love w/ Dawna Campbell”

Ep. #27 The Divine Possibility of Change w/ Eleanor Tweddell

Eleanor Tweddell is a coach, mentor, consultant, creator and entrepreneur focused on reinvention. As the age-old wisdom declares: when one door closes, a world of possibility awaits. Eleanor teaches people how to embrace and navigate major changes in life – whether it’s losing your job, significant financial changes, or difficult relationships. She focuses on providingContinue reading “Ep. #27 The Divine Possibility of Change w/ Eleanor Tweddell”

Ep. #25 Creating Change and Embodying Your True Self w/ Nina Camille

Nina Camille is a modern mystic, medicine woman, healer, teacher, mentor, and coach who guides people to discover their truest, freest, and most loving Selves. In this episode, Nina and I discuss how change and difficulty in life are opportunities for us to grow and deepen our sense of spirit. We often know what isContinue reading “Ep. #25 Creating Change and Embodying Your True Self w/ Nina Camille”

Ep. #22 Living with Fearless Freedom w/ Keith Fraser

Keith Fraser is the founder and pioneer of Cojones, the cheeky yet profound code for living successfully and authentically. In this episode, Keith Fraser and I discuss how having courage to speak your truth, embracing your authenticity, and living unapologetically can create a life of success. Central to Keith’s No. 1 Bestseller book Cojones: GrowContinue reading “Ep. #22 Living with Fearless Freedom w/ Keith Fraser”

Ep. #19 Holistic Health and Dealing with Chronic Pain w/ Dr. Tracy Debi

Dr. Tracy Debi is a former holistic chiropractor turned intuitive guide & mentor for purposeful living. She is an entrepreneur, podcaster, coach, and healer. In this episode, Dr. Tracy and I discuss what it means to treat patients holistically – as a whole human being. The current model for patient treatment tends to primarily focus onContinue reading “Ep. #19 Holistic Health and Dealing with Chronic Pain w/ Dr. Tracy Debi”

Ep. #18 The Neuroscience of Meditation and Cannabis w/ Dr Hilary Marusak

Dr. Hilary Marusak is a tenure-track Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences, Wayne State University School of Medicine and directs the THINK lab (www.wsuthinklab.com) . She is also an Adjunct Assistant. In this episode, Dr. Hilary Marusak and I discuss some of the latest neuroscientific research on how meditation affects variousContinue reading “Ep. #18 The Neuroscience of Meditation and Cannabis w/ Dr Hilary Marusak”

Ep. #16: The Standing Meditation w/ Nate Rifkin

In this episode, Nate and I discuss his most recent book on the life-changing Daoist meditation known as The Standing Meditation. For millennia, people have searched for methods and techniques to reduce suffering, master their mind, and find meaning and support in life. One of the ancient wisdom traditions, known as Daoism, offers a uniqueContinue reading “Ep. #16: The Standing Meditation w/ Nate Rifkin”

Ep. #12 Shaken Not Stirred: Living with Parkinson’s Disease w/ Larry Linton

Larry Linton (B.A., LL.B., C.S) was progressing steadily through his career as a corporate immigration lawyer when, at the age of 49, he was confronted with a life altering event that changed his life forever. In this episode, Larry and I discuss his journey of living with Parkinson’s Disease over the last 10 years. WeContinue reading “Ep. #12 Shaken Not Stirred: Living with Parkinson’s Disease w/ Larry Linton”

Ep. #10: Authenticity in Grey w/ Ross MacPhail

Ross often wonders how he found his life’s passion and work when he was 73. At a time when most people have been retired for years, he was immersing himself in helping others find meaning in their changing and evolving lives. The journey to this stage of his life is far from traditional. However, hisContinue reading “Ep. #10: Authenticity in Grey w/ Ross MacPhail”

Ep. #9: Finding the silver lining in a time of crisis w/ Bill Tibbo

Bill Tibbo is the president & CEO of Bill Tibbo & Associates. he is a clinical social worker, Corporate Clinical Consultant and Disaster Management Specialist. In this episode, Bill Tibbo and I discuss how people navigate change in their lives – both small and big. Major crises happen to everyone and dealing with the aftermathContinue reading “Ep. #9: Finding the silver lining in a time of crisis w/ Bill Tibbo”

Ep. #7: Meaning and Purpose w/ Debbie Homewood

Debbie Homewood is a Registered Psychotherapist and counsellor with 30 years experience in private practice and has three years experience as a full-time Pastoral Advisor. In this episode, Debbie and I discuss how people need, find, and create meaning in their lives using Viktor Frankl’s logotherapeutic techniques. Through awareness/mindfulness, we can use our innate freedomContinue reading “Ep. #7: Meaning and Purpose w/ Debbie Homewood”